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Star Wars continues to blow our minds with each new installment – which is why we've opted to celebrate the films at Birmingham Comic Con. We’ve got some amazing things for you to see.

First up you can race through the Endor forest (also known as the Forest Moon of Endor or the Sanctuary Moon) on the Imperial Speeder Bike or catch those cheeky Droids from Tatooine R2D2, BB8 and R5D4. We’ve even got the Beast from the frozen Planet of Hoth the Wampa (with cave backdrop).

All of these wonderful exhibits come complete with backdrops and other props for your pleasure!


Andy was so impressed with the interior sets of the 'Nostromo Spacecraft' (from the original Alien movie), he decided to see if he could make models of some of these sets.

Originally just one section was completed, then over the next couple of years he made other sections and ended up with seven separate models that butt up to each other in various configurations to represent different parts of the ship.

Seen in the photographs are a generic section of ‘C Deck’ passageway, the main airlock, the C Deck 'garage bay', a section of ‘B Deck’ and the small storage room opposite the garage bay.

All these sets in the movie were re-dressed to represent different parts of the ship, so Andy did the same, as the roofs and pieces of 'machinery' are all separate sections that can be moved around.

You can see Andy Rolands impressive Nostromo Spacecraft at the Birmingham Comic Con next April - you might even see Andy dressed as a Space Marine!


We promised you a large gathering of Warhammer characters for the Birmingham Comic Con and today we are pleased to announce that with them will be Samsun Lobes ‘Dreadnought’. This huge beast is in development at the moment and will premiere at the show next April along with many other great exhibits. Here’s what Samsun had to say about his creation.

“As a fan of anything Warhammer 40k, I originally built a rather cumbersome Space Marine suit. It weighted 6 stone and was very awkward to wear. So I decided to embark on a larger project, something which I could sit inside - A life-size Dreadnought!

It's been 4 years in the making as it has to fit in around my writing and other projects. I originally had in my garage, but it soon outgrew that. It then became a feature in my garden until I finally moved it into a lock-up, where it now lives. The idea was to have it working as much as possible, although that won't include walking, as it is too top heavy.

It stands 4.5 metres tall and weights over 5 tonnes. The final build will have lasers, lights, voice commands through 4000watts of speaker power and pump out, moving arms and smoking power pack. It still requires a full paint job and assembly of both arms, but that will be done for the New Year.

The Birmingham Comic Con will be its very first appearance in the UK.”

We'll be following Samsun as he completes the Dreadnought so keep watching. In the meantime check the video to see more and to get an idea of size.


We all love the Terminator films, not just because Arnold Schwarzenegger stared in them, but at the time they were made they were at the forefront of SFX and cinematically genius.

And that’s why we thought we’d like to give you a closer look at just some of the costumes and props worn by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick.

The terminator display is a look at the films through the years it consists of life size and film used props - all are welcome to have photos with Arnie and the T800 for free – it’s your chance to take home some memories of Hollywood!


“Great Scott!” See the classic DeLorean cars at Birmingham Comic Con! Back to the Future vehicles are set to storm Birmingham next April along with an already amazing array of Batmobiles - The car from the first film - Mr Plutonium MCF 1Y - And the car from the second film Mr Fusion 206 DOC will be at Birmingham Comic Con!

The DeLorean DMC-12, better known as the ‘Back To The Future car’ or ‘time-traveling car’ is a sports car that was manufactured by the DeLorean Motor Company for the American market from 1981 to 1983 in Northern Ireland. Being the only model made by the company, The DeLorean DMC-12 is simply referred to as ‘The DeLorean’. Recognisable for its Gull-Wing doors, fiberglass under-body and stainless steel panels, it provided the perfect futuristic look to feature as the iconic classic car for the Back To The Future franchise.

In the words of Doc Brown; “the way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”.

For more information see:

The Tumbler (Steamer version)

The 2005 Batmobile needs no introductions - famed for it's use in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises by Christian Balethis is one big vehicle!

The Tumbler is unique in it's design and has  lighting and sound systems a steam punk twist to it's interior and those huge tell tale wheels!

When we exhibited it at the 2016 show it gained much attention, so if you never saw it last time here's the opportunity to do so again!

The 95' Batmobile

 Val Kilmer starred in Batman Forever and with him came this incredibly detailed new Batmobile the 95'.

Like the 89' it's long slick body was streamlined for maximum speed when chasing the bad guys!

No collection of Batman vehicles would be complete without this one in the collection!


You asked and we listened! We are VERY excited to announce we will be having the 66' Batmobile at the Birmingham Comic Con next April 29th!

The 1966 Batmobile

One of the most popular and instantly recognisable cars on the planet, this iconic vehicle has appeared all over the world and, on many occasions, with Adam West himself. Revered by adults and children alike, this Batmobile comes complete with essential crime fighting gadgets, flame thrower and bat radar detectors!


What can I say – you did ask for both. It was too hard for me to choose I didn’t!

YES we also have the 89’ Batmobile coming to the Birmingham Comic Con!

Michael Keaton's primary mode of transport in the 1989 film 'Batman'; this Batmobile is just as popular as the original and comes complete with a fully operational flame thrower – but we’ll not be demonstrating!


If I was a superhero I would want to be riding around in a cool car or on a motorcycle and any comic con wouldn’t be complete without a cool Marvel exhibit.

We’ve announced four Batmobiles already, so we thought you’d like to see we’re not biased towards DC and that we love Marvel too! Which is why our latest announcement is for Captain America’s motorcycle and of course Captain America.

We know you’ll agree it’s a damn cool exhibit!


Paul Felski joined the B9 Robot builders Club on May 4th 2004 with one sole intention to build a full size 1:1 ‘Lost in Space’ B9 Robot replica (1st one completed in the UK).

“Phase one of my build was completed on March 16th 2006. I have however since then been upgrading,tweaking & replacing the parts as necessary. It was mostly scratch built using the Club official plans. My B9 is called B9UK1 as he was the 1st one in the UK.

He has an animated brain, radar & Ears, rotating body & driving tread-section , even the arms and claws are animated .
He has the original voice of Dick Tufeld the original voice actor. I have every phrase he ever said & it's all wireless to him from my remote laptop.”

You can find out more by checking out Paul’s YouTube channel b9paul.


Mostly Curious Games is a small art company who specialise in making steampunk versions of comic, T.V, video games and film related weapons, gadgets, ships, helmets and anything else that interest us.

They put on exhibitions not only to promote the company but also to inspire people to " have a go" at making things.

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