Over the coming months we’ll be listing all of our spotlight features on this page, please check back regularly to ensure you are up to date.


We love bringing you something different at our show that's why we've found this amazing collection of Back to the Future props.

The Hill Valley Preservation Society present their award-winning Back to the Future prop & costume display. Experience 1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015 with their expansive collection of real movie props, vintage items, replicas and officially licensed reproductions... GREAT SCOTT!


When it comes to finding the best features for our shows we look from one end of the country of the other and then back again. But this time we think we've found something you'll all love in the new Terminator display and photo opp we have! Check it out!


We all know you love Harry Potter and the game of Quidditch - especially if you're on the back of the Nimbus 2000! At Birmingham Comic Con this April you can sit upon the zoom broom and get your picture taken against our green screen - which just happens to be Hogwarts! Such fun! It'll be just like you were there!


Honeydukes is a legendary sweets shop famous for its many, wonderful sweets and chocolate. Situated in Scotland, it is frequented by students and teachers and is often packed out with eager shoppers. Honeydukes also houses the entrance to a secret passageway from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry however, it is advisable only to use it to go from Hogwarts to Honeydukes and not the other way around, due to the presence of a stone slide at the Hogwarts end.

Now you can join in the fun of the Harry Potter films and get your photos taken with this excellent feature to our show.

Please note you cannot go into the shop - this is a display only. Nor can you buy the sweets.

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