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Over the coming months we’ll be listing all of our traders on this page (Subject to them sending us the information) so check back regularly to ensure you are up to date


Timothy Kong works as a freelance illustrator and concept artist that focuses on strong characterisation and story telling. He loves exploring various different influences to not only inform his work, but to also add a layer of realism into the pieces.

He is aiming to develop a blend of traditional painting style mixed with eastern aesthetics as it's a combination of both things he has a strong passion for.



Akashic Studio is a Multimedia Creative, for this event he will bring his specialty Ink Narrative Illustrations. Focusing on the human form in their most fantastical state to the more modern slice of life flavour.

Grab a print and listen well as each illustration tells a story about the character; will it be a tale about a dystopian sunless world where humans are desperately surviving against monsters foretold in legends or simply about a man with a well groomed beard imitating his cat.

Let's start a conversation and find out.

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