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JERY HEWITT (The Warriors/Good Will Hunting/Fargo/No Country for Old Men)

Jery Hewitt has been the stunt co-ordinator for countless films including Fargo, No Country for Old Men and Good Will Hunting.  But he’s most famous for his role in the 1970’s cult classic – The Warriors.  Jery played Thurman the leader of the iconic Baseball Furies.   The gang wears baseball uniforms and carries baseball bats. When wearing their 'warpaint', they are never heard to speak; which adds to their frightening presence and mysterious intentions.  The Furies chased The Warriors across a park until Ajax (James Remar) and Cowboy (Tom McKitterick) could run no further and so ensued one of the most legendary fight scenes of the whole movie.

Jery Hewitt went on to roles in The Wanderers (Another 70’s cult film), Miller’s Crossing,  Malcolm X ad the Young Indiana Jones TV series.  Jery is still very active in film today as the stunt co-ordinator for many of the big movies we all love to watch.

Join the Meet & Greet for Jery Hewitt with Joel Weiss (Cropsey – The Warriors) by going to the store.

TERRY STONE (Rise of the Foot Soldier/Rollin With the Nines)

Terry Stone began his Acting & Producing career in May 2003 at the ripe old age of 32 and over the past 14 years has carved an impressive career on both sides of the camera.

Terry's naturalistic style of acting has seen him play some memorable leading roles such as a corrupt cop Detective Sargent Andy White in the Bafta Nominated and Raindance Film Festival Award winning "Rollin' With The Nines"; Tony Tucker in Rise of The Footsoldier and as Jack Spot in the up and coming 1930's - 1950's period crime film "Once Upon a Time in London".


Joel Weiss has been an actor for more than 40 years and has appeared in more than 75 films, 60 plays and 40 television shows, and dozens of commercials, including multiple requests by acclaimed film directors Walter Hill, and Robert Townsend. Joel kicked off his career as one of the stars of the classic cult film “The Warriors” as Cropsey, the Rogue gang member (Luther's right hand man) who has the unforgettable part of driving the Hearse .

Other cult appearances are in the sci-fi/horror film “Congo” and as Cal Rooney, the carnival barker serial killer killed by fellow serial killer Dexter in the hit TV series “Dexter”

One of Joel’s most recent appearances is in the sequel to another cult film, in The Bronx Bull/Raging Bull 2. In addition, he has appeared in some of television’s most-loved iconic shows, like multiple episodes in both “Fresh of Bel-Air,” and “Mike Hammer, PI” with Stacy Keach as his loveable but unlucky jailed bookie Morrey. MTV featured Joel as one of four actors, including Blair Underwood, in “True Life: I’m an Actor.” Joel has had starring roles in productions of beloved plays like “The Front Page” (Earl Williams), “Career” (Pinkie Bonaparte) and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (Billy Bibbit). He recently finished “Dirty,” “Spaceman,” “Lost Angela,” “Killer Therapy” and “9/11,” his second of three requested films by director Martin Guigui.  Joel is currently set to star in the film “86” from director David Diaz. Joel is a graduate of both Bronx Community College, where he teaches annually and is a spokesman recently honored at New York City Hall, and Lehman College in the Bronx, from which he has a Bachelor of Arts in theatre and speech.



Nick Brokenshire is a comic book artist from Aberdeen, Scotland who lives in the North of England.

He was the artist for IDW’s all ages ‘Amelia Cole’ series and has just completed art duties on Dark Horse Comic’s ‘THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN’ to be released in November. Nick has also worked for 2000AD and supplied covers for IDW’s Judge Dredd line.

In his spare time Nick plays guitar and sings in the increasingly popular nerd-rock band BLUES HARVEST, who are famous for their movie and generally geek-centric party tunes.


Ian Richardson is comic book artist & illustrator with a work history that has included working for publishers such as Dark Horse Comics, Zenescope, 2000AD, Marvel UK, Image Comics, G.I. Joe Collectors Magazine & many others!

Currently working on cover art for many different series at Zenescope Entertainment every month, plus all art for the soon to be released series The Unthinkables from Guardian Knight/Antarctic Press. You can find Ian's art from many series such as Red Agent, Death Force, Grimm's Fairy Tales & Evil Heroes from Zenescope Entertainment, Judge Dredd, Sinister Dexter & Future Shocks from 2000ad & The Megazine, Halo from Dark Horse Comics, Noble Causes from Image Comics & a variety of stories & characters at Marvel UK.

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