Over the coming months we’ll be listing all of our cosplay guests on this page - please check back regularly to ensure you are up to date.


A Group of like minded people that are happy to give up their free time to raise money for charities at the same time making kids and adults smile having worked with Sky TV on DC Fancast and many other events up and down the UK, the ICC do what we do for fun, making costumes and Characters come to life and all for Charity #Dreamtobelieve

Founded in 2014 this will be the 3rd year ICC have Supported Birmingham Comic Con and each year it just keeps getting Bigger and Better.   ICC has grown and amassed some incredible Ambassadors from all over the world includingMartin Ballantyne , Zara Phtyian and Hollywoods Peter Shinkoda 2017 is set to be a great year for ICC


If you’ve been to a convention recently you may have noticed (If you’ve been lucky) a Warhammer cosplayer in their magnificent costumes. We love them so much we have got together with UK Warhammer Cosplayers to bring the largest gathering of Warhammer costumers in the UK to the Birmingham Comic Con. Check this out!

Formed initially in 2013 by Daniel, Other Daniel, Matt, Emily, and Aaron, UKWC are a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy expressing a love for Warhammer by creating our miniatures as life-size versions to wear at conventions!

Over the years, we have grown to include enthusiasts of all aspects of the Warhammer universes, be it Age of Sigmar or Warhammer: 40,000. We have spread out from our original founding of UK members to include membership from all across the globe, both giving assistance with builds and showing off our work. Steadily, we have added Jamie, Rich, and Andy to assist the founders in managing the largest Warhammer cosplay group in existence!

Now, we enjoy helping new builders to get stuck in and learn where to get started, as well as looking to assist with charity and promotional events. All this whilst making beautiful cosplay works of our favourite miniatures, even gaining recognition in several international cosplay championships such as EuroCosplay and Eurocosplay Gathering.

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Heaven & Hells Heroes are a new costume/cosplay group that launched back in February 2016 we love to entertain the public. 

Along the way we like to raise money for local events and charities.

Our costumes are a high standard so we can bring fiction to reality. We Bring what you see on TV, movies  , books and comics to life. We are the Heaven and Hell Heroes.

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